Career Levels

Level 2 Skills

In addition to Level 1

Developing - You help design communications strategy and design projects to complex briefs.


  • You contribute to information audits, hierarchy and content strategy.
  • You understand and execute established design systems.
  • You contribute to critique and feedback.
  • You represent end user needs.

Design Process

  • You design customer journeys for improved experience.
  • You iterate based on feedback, data and research.
  • You design and specify elements for delivery.

Design Research

  • You advocate for research throughout the design and development process.
  • You identify clear research goals and form testable hypotheses.

Strategy / Business Impact

  • You articulate the vision and contribution of design to client businesses.
  • You contribute to strategic innovations that have a business impact.

Talent Development

  • You identify skills gaps across teams and suggest how they are best overcome.
  • You onboard designers sharing overview and insight into their teams and roles.
  • You connect people from different disciplines to amplify their abilities.

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