Career Levels

Level 4 Skills

In addition to Level 3

Advanced - You develop strategy and design responses, aligning client and agency team.


  • You develop and communicate brand and/or product design systems.
  • You lead critiques and feedback sessions.
  • You coach teams in thinking strategically about designs contribution to goals.
  • You define and deliver solutions to complex business and customer problems.

Design Process

  • You use design processes to deliver business and customer objectives.
  • You establish new cross-functional processes to deliver results.

Design Research

  • You connect diverse team members with design research and thought leadership.
  • You leverage research to drive initiatives and align all stakeholders.

Strategy / Business Impact

  • You develop strategies to which deliver the mission and vision of a business.
  • You connect multiple strategies and initiatives to deliver agreed impact.
  • You align all stakeholders around strategy and/or initiatives.

Talent Development

  • You lead a forum that provides ongoing inspiration and energy to teams.
  • You coach the design team with critique and motivational best practice.
  • You facilitate team reviews, hire and nurture great design talent.
  • You advocate for the design community and promote design efficacy to other sectors.

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