Career Levels

Level 5 Skills

In addition to Level 4

Leader - You lead teams and advocate for strategic design solutions across all stakeholders.


  • You lead design across specific product areas for business-critical objectives.
  • You create collaborative design processes that ensure teams focus on high impact work.
  • You align stakeholders across client and business.

Design Process

  • You lead end-to-end design process to drive initiatives and align stakeholders.
  • You coach and mentor peers and communicate design process both internally and externally.

Design Research

  • You advocate for research in the design process.
  • You articulate methodology and best practice to educate on quality research.

Strategy / Business Impact

  • You work at scale solving business issues with strategic thinking.
  • You focus the design team on work most likely to deliver communications or business strategy.
  • You collaborate with leadership on communications and business strategy.

Talent Development

  • You identify and develop new business opportunities.
  • You create an environment that fosters collaboration and learning across all disciplines.
  • You lead discussions on team development and future capabilities.
  • You lead the recruiting and hiring process.
  • You create a candidate experience and process to hire the best talent.
  • You promote the design practice to attract talent from the industry.

Map your Career Path

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