Career Stories

A career is not a straight line and skills can be gained in unexpected places.
Take inspiration from these stories of how people got where they are and where they may go next.

Brian Herron

Co-owner at a UX and Product Design studio Each & Other

What is your current role? I’m a Principal and co-owner at a UX and Product Design studio. I help clients a) understand their users b.) shape products and services to meet customer needs and c) work with my team to deliver world-class digital experiences. We tackle tough problems in complicated, global fields.   Tell us about your career journey to date? I started with a B.Sc in multimedia in the late ‘90s. Then worked in hospitality and travelled for quite a while. I tried to kickstart a writing career with an MA in Journalism and did stints at newspapers and magazines. I started a print and online publishing company, which didn’t go so well. But that experience landed me a…