Career Stories

A career is not a straight line and skills can be gained in unexpected places.
Take inspiration from these stories of how people got where they are and where they may go next.

Grace Enemaku

Multidisciplinary designer & illustrator enemaku

What is your current role? 
I’m a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator who specialises in branding and illustration for the unconventional. My projects vary from conceptual branding for startups and SMEs, to print and illustration for the Arts and Advertising. As I’m self-employed, my job includes creative…

Ashwin Chacko

Author, Illustrator and Motivational Speaker Whacko Chacko

What is your current role? 
I’m Ashwin Chacko a positively playful Author, Illustrator and Motivational Speaker. I am the founder of Whacko Chacko an illustration studio…

Greg Osborne

Branding and Design Consultant We can imagine

What is your current role? 
I am a Branding and Design Consultant, working primarily with small businesses helping them to create visual identities. These visual identities come alive in websites and printed material. Collaborating with each client I create a brand personality, values, archetypes and overall look…