Career Stories

Greg Osborne

Branding and Design Consultant We can imagine

Graphic Designer

What is your current role?
I am a Branding and Design Consultant, working primarily with small businesses helping them to create visual identities. These visual identities come alive in websites and printed material. Collaborating with each client I create a brand personality, values, archetypes and overall look and feel for the brand.

Tell us about your career journey to date?
Traditionally I was trained as a Graphic Designer, starting out first taking part in a BTEC National Diploma in Graphics and Packaging at Southgate college from 1997 to 1998. This course focused primarily on packaging, Technical drawing and Typography. This course instilled early a great sense of the importance of the craft of Graphic Design. After I graduated from the BTEC I did not undertake another college course until 2007 where I commenced a BA in Visual communication. After which I joined the 4th year of the BA (Hons) in visual communication graduating in 2010. Following my graduation I took part in an Internship as a Graphic Designer for 1 year.

When this Internship was finished I started a MA in Professional Design Practice that was deferred from the previous year. 

How does the reality of your career differ from your expectations?
During my time at College I thought that I would take a different path and that I would work in a studio and not as a Branding and Design Consultant. Looking back my path was quite different but I’m extremely happy on the direction as I have more freedom as a Designer.

What three skills do you believe are crucial to succeeding in this career?

  • Good people person
  • Ability to develop, carry, defend and implement a concept
  • Ability to visualise your ideas

What advice would you give someone considering a role in this sector?
Only choose a career in Design if you are truly passionate about changing the world we live in. Be passionate about creating meaningful products and services that are “All Human Centred”